Creating unique living spaces with Gloria Sanchez

Interior design inspiration and tips on your home improvement project 2 September 2021 by Casper Arboll

Did you spend last year’s lockdowns looking around your home and dreaming up improvements to make a nicer living environment? Look no further. This blog post is for you.

We’ve teamed up with Gloria Sanchez to share her insights on what good design means, creating a design vision and her favourite furniture shops. Gloria is the co-founder of Tailored Living, a London-based interior design company that develops bespoke home designs based on a philosophy of implementing the customer’s personality, taste, and lifestyle. The company has delivered interior designs to some of the most prominent London homes.


What is good design?

“Interior design massively impact how we feel both physically and mentally in our homes. As designers, our objective is to awaken positive feelings and create spaces that make the people living there feel great.”

“Good design is a personal experience. What works for one person, won’t work for others. It’s easy for designers to develop spaces that look good based on the most recent design trends. But it isn’t easy to create a space that will make the person living there feel great for years after delivery. That’s why during the design brief and overall design process we take extra care to ensure the final interior encompasses the personality and preferences of the client.”



How do you develop your design ideas?

“Our design process is all about understanding the customer. It starts with conversations where we attempt to develop a shared vision for the space. We’ll discuss their lives, values, aesthetic preferences and what they want to achieve with the space. We are always delighted if we can discover personal items such as inherited furniture, travel memories, or art to develop the designs.”

“When we have developed a profile and vision, we can start sketching and translate the ideas onto a mood board which we’ll use for the final designs. The execution of the project will only begin when we have a vision that makes the customer feel good.”



Where do you shop?

“My favourite place to shop is Chelsea Harbour Design Centre. They have the most extensive selection of everything under one roof. A close second is Andrew Martin. Their style is relaxed and allows for sophisticated items that are quirky and a little different. We deliver designs that will last for years. It’s important to me that the furniture we work with can stand the test of time.”

“Creating living spaces and interior designs does not have to cost a fortune. It’s possible to find great items on the highstreet. Zara Home and H&M home have many products that can help set the ambience of a room. Sometimes, the little things such as a flower vase or a cushion with an accent colour reinforce and complete the vision.”



How do people get started with interior design?

“Planning and developing a vision is an essential step of any interior design project. Start by measuring the room and developing an understanding of what to select within the constraints of the space. Adjust plans accordingly. A room full of things will make it difficult for people to move around and live there. Limit your furniture choices to the few items that you truly need. Make sure that the furniture fits the room. A big sofa cramped into a little room will take too much space and overpower the overall impression. The same goes for breaking lines. Be careful not to block passageways. It hurts the harmony and puts limits on using the space.”

“Developing a vision for the space is essential to ensure a coherent impression. Mixing and matching works if you choose an eclectic style, but it’s not easy to get it right. Having a vision and staying true to it will help selecting the right items and make good purchase decisions. Find inspiration by research trending design styles or work by interior designers. Instagram and Pinterest are excellent sources for discovering designers and trends that can help develop a personal vision.”

Visit Tailored Living to see more of Gloria’s work here: https://www.tailored-living.co.uk/