Secured Corporate Deposits

Protect your cash with secured corporate deposits at Perenna Bank, while attaining the liquidity to suit your needs and earning competitive returns. Simple.

Get the best of both worlds

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Your funds are guaranteed by investment-grade securities, providing protection against insolvency and market stress.


Perenna Bank will work with you directly to provide a product tailored to your cash management needs.


Perenna Bank offers competitive rates compared to unsecured deposits offered by other banks.

What is an eligible corporate depositor?

This can be any qualifying corporate depositor as per the Financial Conduct Authority’s definition. This can be found here.

We are happy to assess your eligibility and guide you through the process.


What are the security arrangements for depositing with Perenna Bank?

Perenna Bank has arranged with King & Shaxson (K&S) and CSC Trustees (CSC) to provide the safeguarding of deposit securities in the event there is a failure to repay. All deposits are secured against investment grade collateral that is held in a segregated custody account with K&S, with security right granted to CSC. This arrangement provides robust legal protection for depositors in case of insolvency.

About Perenna Bank

Perenna Bank is a dual regulated bank. Perenna Bank offers regulated mortgages to customers in England & Wales and offers wholesale deposits to qualifying wholesale counterparties. Eligible counterparties may qualify for FSCS protection. Check on the FSCS website if you are eligible for added security, or contact us.