No energy bills. No rising mortgage payments. No shocks.

Say hello to great value for the long-term. When you combine a Zero Bills™ home with a Perenna Zero Bills mortgage, you can wave goodbye to energy bills, and leave your mortgage worries at the door, knowing your mortgage payments will never go up.

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Passionate Partnerships

Perenna is passionate about revolutionising mortgages to bring long-term stability to the housing market, whilst protecting its customers from rising mortgage payments.

Octopus is passionate about providing innovative solutions to support green energy while bringing down costs for its customers.

Together we will transform the industry, making sustainable homes more affordable for more people.

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Octopus has created a first-of-its-kind energy tariff providing zero bills for at least five years, guaranteed. Available on brand new, specially built Zero Bills™ homes. Limits and exclusions apply.

Perenna Zero Bills Mortgage

Perenna has developed a mortgage designed to go hand in hand with a Zero Bills™ home. You’ll receive all of the usual benefits of a Perenna mortgage, meaning you can enjoy monthly payments that don’t change, with a short early repayment charge to give flexibility.

And, because we know you won’t have energy costs, you can responsibly borrow more with us. By offering a rate discount, we’re proud to reward you for buying a sustainable home and supporting the green energy revolution.

Where can I find a
Zero Bills™ home?

Verto Homes

Cornwall & Exeter
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The Hill Group

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St Modwen Homes

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You could lose your home if you don’t keep up your mortgage repayments.