Say hello to the future of homeownership with Perenna and Octopus Energy

Welcome to a new era of sustainable homeownership with Perenna and Octopus Energy! 21 March 2024 by Abi Walker

Octopus has created a first-of-its-kind energy tariff providing zero bills for at least five years, guaranteed. This is available on brand new, specially built Zero Billshomes (limits and exclusions apply). These properties are installed with a combination of renewable technologies to ensure they minimise the amount of energy they consume each year. As a result, they will be some of the most environmentally friendly homes in the country.  

Perenna has developed a mortgage designed to go hand in hand with these Zero Bills™ homes. 

With a Zero Bills Mortgage, homeowners will receive all the usual benefits of a Perenna mortgage, meaning they can enjoy monthly payments that don’t change, with a short early repayment charge to give flexibility. And, because we know they won’t have energy costs, they can responsibly borrow more with us. By offering a rate discount, we’re proud to reward borrowers for buying a sustainable home and supporting the green energy revolution.  

Our partnership helps homeowners save money whilst reducing their carbon footprint, marking a big step in our goal to change mortgages and promote sustainable living. 

Our Sustainability Lead, Mike, says our partnership is a game-changer for sustainable homeownership. He explains how it helps homeowners and the environment: 

’Octopus is leading the way on how new properties should be built to minimise their carbon footprint going forward. This new tariff from Octopus is revolutionary, and we’re excited to have launched a mortgage which helps homeowners get the most from it. 

The combination of a Perenna Zero Bills  Mortgage on an Octopus Zero Bills™ property is a unique proposition for homeowners. Both energy prices and mortgage rates have been incredibly volatile over the past few years, and we’re proud to give consumers an option which removes this uncertainty going forward.’

Looking ahead, the future of sustainable homeownership is brighter than ever. Our Zero Bills mortgage is just the start. Keep an eye out for more ways we are improving things for Perenna customers as we look to build a greener and more sustainable future. 

If you’d like to find out more, take a look at our Zero Bills Mortgage page.

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