Perenna will be offering 30-year fixed rate mortgages soon

We have secured a banking licence with restrictions by the PRA and the FCA 16 August 2022 by Casper Arboll

We are delighted to share that Perenna has been awarded a banking licence with restrictions by the PRA and the FCA.

This means we are inching closer to launching flexible 30-year fixed-rate mortgages to all who can afford them and is a huge step toward realising our mission of creating a nation of happy homeowners.

Previously, we’ve talked a lot about the benefits of fixed-rate long-term mortgages, and here’s a quick reminder on why we can’t wait to offer these to everyone:

➡️ Accessible – Borrow more based on what you can afford; due to the length of the term customers are not required to be assessed under higher interest rates which in turn limits borrowing amounts

➡️ Adaptable – Our early repayment charge is short, the product is portable; the product flexes to you, not the other way round

➡️ Absolute – Payments are fixed for the whole mortgage term!

Under the flexible 30-year fixed rate product, we will be offering mortgages with up to 95% LTV. Our approach enables us to help more first-time buyers onto the property ladder, provide mortgages to people in retirement, and protect all customers against the uncertainty of increasing interest rates.

We are all experiencing significant increases in our daily costs. From steeper food prices to rising energy bills. The last thing we want to face is higher mortgage costs because of the way UK mortgages are designed – for the short-term. Perenna is the solution that will help you and your family achieve financial stability on usually your biggest outgoing – your mortgage.

We have thousands of people already signed up to the Perenna waitlist. If you want a Perenna mortgage, Click here to join waitlist