Revolutionising homeownership in later life

Welcome to the mortgage revolution 24 January 2024 by Abi Walker

As retirement approaches, homeowners in the UK may find themselves in a tricky situation if they want access to a mortgage. Often the options on offer are limited.   

You may have even read stories about people who aren’t able to shop around or get a mortgage at all, simply due to their age.  At Perenna, we don’t think that’s right. We want to give people more options. So, we’re starting a mortgage revolution. Here’s how… 

Age is just a number 

We want to help homeowners make the most of their retirement. And for us, age is just a number. That’s why we don’t apply maximum age limits. Instead, we assess mortgage applications on property value and whether the monthly payments are affordable (maximum loan to value limits may apply). This could make a huge difference for borrowers who are looking for options in later life.  

Unlock the equity in your home 

Free up money to enjoy a financially responsible retirement while staying in the home you love. 

With a Perenna mortgage, you can use your home’s value to gain financial freedom and shape your dream retirement. 

Taking back your borrowing power 

Forget traditional restrictions; our approach lets you secure a mortgage that can suit your needs, no matter your age! 

Predictable payments 

With Perenna, you will never have to worry about your payments going up. 

If you want to know what you’ll pay each month, long-term fixed rate mortgages could be a great option. We allow you to fix your rate for up to 40 years, meaning you can plan your future with confidence and financial peace of mind. 

Why not use our mortgage calculator to get an idea of how much we could lend to you?  

Flexibility as standard 

We get it. Fixing your rate for up to 40 years is a long time. You don’t know how your life will look in that time. And that’s why we’ve made sure our mortgage product comes with flexibility as standard. 

We want to make sure our mortgage can fit around your life. If you decide to move home, you can take your mortgage with you, no problem. And if rates come down and you’d like to change your deal, or make unlimited overpayments, that’s absolutely fine. You can do so without charge after five years. 

Why Perenna?  

  • No age limits, more options in later life 
  • Monthly payments that don’t change 
  • Short early repayment charge for flexibility 

At Perenna, our goal is to help you lead a secure and fulfilling life in your golden years. 

Join the Mortgage Revolution for predictable payments,  flexibility, and a commitment to your financial well-being. 

Your home is more than a place; it could be the foundation for an independent later life. Take charge of your homeownership journey and step into a future where every day truly belongs to you. 


You could lose your home if you don’t keep up your mortgage repayments.